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About Us

We are the Company of the Black Serpent, a historical re-enactment society presently focussing on Medieval Living History, Dark Age and Medieval Battle Re-enactment.

The Black Serpents were founded around a family unit and a back-garden sword training group in 2005, and named after the friends who got us into this mad hobby and looked after us at our first shows - Jez Menis of the Black Hand Armoury, and Chris and Jill of the Staff and Serpent. Originally a Dark Age group, we made the transition to include the Medieval period at the start of 2009, and this is now our primary focus, although some of us are always up for a scrap no matter what the period!

We have steadily increased the number of major shows we attend so that we usually attend in excess of ten events per year, with our season starting in May and finishing in september. We have in the past been hired to do local shows, including putting on a Viking display at Devonport Park in Plymouth in 2007 and 2008. We have also worked with Oakleigh Leisure in and around London under the banner of the Invaders & Settlers Empire, and have also attended several shows as guests of the British Plate Armour Society (BPAS) and Wolfpack Display Team.